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We've built Headshot Method for you to succeed.

Many photographers are unsure how to deliver hundreds of headshots for events and big brands. They pass up great opportunities or underprice and underdeliver on others. Headshot Method was created to coach photographers through every step: marketing, quoting, and executing a valuable headshot experience. With the business and technical challenges solved, photographers can grow a profitable event headshot business with confidence.

Save Time

As professional photographers, we've spent hundreds (if not thousands) of hours over several years developing workflows, testing software, and evaluating gear to make the ultimate EVENT headshot experience for the leading brands we work with. Get started offering this service now!

Save Money

Time = money. As your one stop guide and community, Headshot Method will save you money by cutting out hours researching workflows, and experimenting with software and lighting. You'll save money by not buying gear or software packages that don't work well for event headshots.

Save Face

You can have confidence, knowing that you're not treating your clients as guinea pigs. Let us teach you methods that have been proven to work well at events for multi-billion dollar companies. We'll show you what gear to use, what software will work, and how to put everything together for world-class high-volume event headshots.

A Proven Method

We've used the Headshot Method to create world-class experiences for brands including:

Is this you?

Are you looking for a way to offer something different as a headshot photographer?



Are you looking to work with large brands with matching budgets?



Are you unsure how to quote and produce hundreds of headshots per day (without losing your shirt)?


Headshot Method is designed to get you up to speed right away.


Take advantage of our 50% off pricing and start learning instantly.

Included in your course

You get access to 50+ lessons, custom software tools, and our exclusive members-only Facebook community as we continue to tailor the course with your feedback and questions.

Available now...


  • Tethering in Capture One
  • Marketing
  • Pricing
  • Live Slideshows
  • Instant Delivery
  • Automated Workflows
  • Automatic file renaming to match the participant
  • Before, During, and After your Event
  • Jam-packed Case Studies full of tips and advice


  • Curated Slideshow Workflow Automation (Mac and Windows)
  • Export Workflow Automation  (Mac and Windows)
  • Capture One Base Headshot Style


  • Members are invited to participate in our exclusive Headshot Method Member Facebook Group


Who is this course (and community) for?

Photographers interested in creating amazing, brandable headshot experiences at events like conferences and trade shows. 

This is not just any headshot training course and community. It's not even a regular high-volume headshot course. Although many of the things you learn in this course will be completely applicable to many high-volume headshot gigs, we are taking it to the next level with specific training and tools to produce a branded experience that draws a crowd, collects leads, and promotes leading brands by providing studio-quality headshots instantly to hundreds of people per day.


Photographers who want to offer something new and different. 

Offering the same services as every other photographer in your city can be a rough place to be. It can quickly become a race to the bottom, competing on price. Headshot Method will teach you what you need to know to offer something drastically different. Creating an experience big companies will appreciate and gladly pay for.


Photographers who want to work with bigger clients who have bigger budgets. 

We have been fortunate to work with multi-billion dollar brands in many different industries who partner with us to produce these profitable event experiences - and we will teach you exactly how to do it for your own studio.


Simply put, our goal is to help headshot photographers take their business to the next level by reaching and winning great clients, and producing world-class headshot experiences.


Is this you?



Who is this course NOT for?

We want to be up front about this.

Photographers who only want to shoot with natural light.

The reality of high-volume event headshot work that you'll need to use studio strobes (or constant lights) to produce consistently great headshots in any venue.

Photographers who only want to work alone.

A Lone Ranger is not recommended for this type of photography. A small team is all it takes, but if you only want to work alone, this might not be the type of work you want to take on.

Photographers who don't yet know the basic mechanics of their camera.

This course is aimed at full-time or part-time photographers who want to grow their business. Although we cover camera and lighting settings, it is essential to have a decent understanding of aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and white balance.

Anyone not willing to put in the work.

To be successful in event headshots, you'll need to be able to work hard. We'll give you the training and support to get you started, but in the end, you are running the show.


What is different about this course?

Headshot Method is truly one of a kind.

When we were first approached in 2016 to shoot hundreds of headshots for one of the nations' largest communication companies, we desperately searched the corners of the internet for anything that could help us with pricing, workflows, live slideshows, instant delivery, and branding the whole experience. Do you know what we came up with? Pretty much NOTHING. There were hardly any photographers doing anything similar to what we wanted to offer, and no one was doing exactly what we needed to deliver. The available software options wouldn't work for what we were trying to do.

Skip ahead to 2020 and there still is a massive education gap between existing headshot resources and what event headshot photographers require. There hasn't been a place to learn how to take studio-quality headshots and deliver them instantly to hundreds of participants per day. Not until now, that is.



How is Headshot Method different from the rest of the photography courses on the internet?


We are focused on creating world-class headshot experiences that draw crowds, collect leads and promote our clients' brands. There are no other photography courses currently available that teach this content. Sure, there are great headshot courses available - but none of them touch what we extensively cover. If you are looking for a course that will teach you exactly what you need to know, what you need to have, and how to market and price these headshot experiences for conferences, trade shows and other events - THIS IS IT!


Frequently Asked Questions

You'll have lifetime access to Headshot Method's "Event Headshots" course content so you won't have to pay monthly to access it down the road. You will have the opportunity to purchase additional products like one-on-one consultation calls, other courses, etc. in the future. The course content, including tools and access to the community will NOT cost you more in the future.

Unfortunately, no. We have designed the course and community to give you full access to everything the moment you sign up. That includes software scripts and presets/styles plus access to our private Facebook group. Some other online courses hold back information and downloads until a trial period has ended - this is something we don't want to do. Please reach out to us if you have any questions before you purchase this course. We would be happy to help!

Across the globe, countless conferences and events are happening each day. This market is wide open for world-class headshot experiences. Similarly, this training is designed to help photographers in any country take advantage of this opportunity. Headshot Method is not designed specifically for any one country and will be relevant for photographers world-wide.

Our studio runs on Macs, so a lot of the videos are recorded using a Mac, but most of the software is available on both platforms. During Pre-Launch Access, a few features we teach will be Mac-specific with Windows compatible versions following shortly. This includes our Workflow Automations for Windows which are currently available in BETA.

Besides basic studio gear (camera, lens, laptop, lighting, backdrop) you'll need some software. We will teach what to get, and where to find it. Some Workflow Automations (software scripts) are included, but additional software like Capture One or Lightroom is required. Some apps have reasonable monthly fees, and others are inexpensive one-time purchases.

Headshot Method's Event Headshots course will not be offered at a lower price than the Pre-Launch 50% off discount. So don't worry about missing out on a future promotion. You are getting the absolute best price now!

There are some similarities between EVENT headshots and standard HIGH-VOLUME headshots including lighting, posing, and even tethering. EVENT headshots transforms this high-volume service into an experiential marketing opportunity that big brands love. EVENT headshot experiences include features like curated and branded slideshows, lead collection, branded image delivery by email and more. The EVENT workflow is more complex but this doesn't mean it has to be difficult. We will walk you through the training and tools you need to succeed.

When we started doing Event Headshots several years ago (and even to this day), there is not a single piece of software that can accomplish all the steps in providing this service to hundreds of participants per day. Some photo booth software can come close - but they can't handle high quality RAW images and are designed for automated party booths. You'll need at least 4 different software solutions to be able to provide studio-quality images instantly to participants. But don't worry, we will walk you through every step!

Absolutely! Scroll down to view some sample video clips taken from our lessons.

Sample Course Content

Sample Video Clip: 

Cropping in Capture One Pro


A segment out of our lesson on Editing and Cropping images.

Sample Video Clip:

Understanding Session Folders


A segment out of our lesson on Session Folders in Capture One.

Feedback from our students

The response from our Imaging USA 2019 class teaching elements from Headshot Method has been fantastic. But don't take our word for it...

"I was on the fence as to whether to attend Imaging until I saw your class. I booked my flight right away and came straight from the airport to the class :)... The class was packed with solid actionable information. I love it when speakers just get right to it and tell you what you came for!"

"Thank you so much for the fantastic class!! I learned a lot and was very inspired. I've done big headshot days before but nothing instant like that (and without a team), so my mind is a-whirring to see if I could make a go of it this way."

"It was my favorite class of the entire convention. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!"

“Hi Dave - I really enjoyed meeting you and Katherine and look forward to learning more! What a great class!… Nice to meet you two and thanks for doing the class you did - I’m stoked!”

"Dave did a great job. He was methodical in on thru each aspect of a high volume headshot business. He was very thorough, articulate, humble, personable, detailed. This class is exactly what I needed and he did such great job. I’m not scared of a high volume now."

"This was the best pre-con class I’ve ever taken. Extremely grateful for Dave sharing his self-developed system when he could completely keep it trade secret. Plus, the Canadian accent is awesome!"

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