3 Tips to Create the ULTIMATE Event Headshot Experience

Nov 07, 2020

Catering to your client's goals is an important part of great service.

Let's imagine that you just got that amazing lead asking for hundreds of headshots at an event. The client is a big brand who wants to offer these headshots as a gift so that THEY look good.

The client may or may not realize this, but what they really want is something MORE than a standard high-volume headshot service.

This client wants an EXPERIENCE that...

  1. Draws a crowd
  2. Captures leads
  3. Promotes their Brand

Achieved goals means a happy client! Today we've got 3 tips to help create that Ultimate EVENT Headshot Experience...

Tip #1: Offer Full-Service with a Full Team

Have you ever had an experience where you're cared for every step of the way? We have a favourite place we love to go for our vehicle oil changes. There are no reservations required. We drive into the bay, and their team is under our car, in front of our car, circling our car, vacuuming our car, and taking care of absolutely everything. They even send us into the lounge with our kids to watch sports and drink free slushies or coffee to our heart's content. They're more expensive than the discount place, but totally worth it!

How can you translate that kind of service into your EVENT headshot experiences?

If you've got the energy, you can probably shoot standard high-volume headshots with a team of 1-2 people. BUT when you're looking at crafting your event headshot EXPERIENCE, you need to start thinking bigger. You want each participant to feel pampered and well served. Having a team of 4-5 people is necessary to move participants through the process quickly and with as little friction as possible. We suggest including:

  • A stylist for quick hair touchups and lint removal
  • A headshot photographer
  • An editor to tweak settings and curate the image sharing kiosks and slideshow
  • A kiosk assistant to help deliver those headshot images instantly and finish off a full-service experience
  • Bonus: A second photographer to take behind-the-scenes footage and switch out with the main photographer when they need a break

Tip #2: Offer Confidence and Entice Participants with a Curated Slideshow

With standard high-volume headshots for a company and their employees, everyone has to participate. They don't really have a choice. EVENT headshots are different. It's your job to entice people to participate, but don't worry - it's not hard!

If there's one comment photographers hear over and over, it's probably, "I hate having my pictures taken!"

How can you reassure people that their headshots are going to look amazing and that they should wait in line?

Easy! Over to the side, you've set up a big screen that everybody can see. On the screen is a beautifully curated slideshow of the best headshot images from that day. As people walk by, they see the results and they are PUMPED!

"Wow, you just made Danny look amazing!"..."Cynthia looks incredible!"

Suddenly, they're starting to believe that you can make them look amazing too!

As they watch that slideshow, excited to look as great as Cynthia, they're also seeing ads from your sponsor. People are enticed to participate. The lineup grows. You draw a crowd. Your sponsor is thrilled!

Tip #3: Offer Instant Gratification

The big finale in an experience is crucial. What is the last thing you want people to feel? They've waited in line. They've been pampered by your stylist. They've had their headshots taken. They've given you their email. Now what?...

Now they go home and get an email in 2 weeks with their images.


You want their phone to buzz. They look down. Voila...their beautiful headshots are in their inbox and ready to use.

To finish off the excitement of the experience, we need to actually deliver these valuable headshots to the participant on the spot. Never underestimate the power of a valuable gift delivered instantly!

This list isn't complete! Keep going! Think big and outside the box. Brands are looking for something different. What features will you include in your high-volume event headshot experience to make it unique?

Coming up... we'll talk about BRANDING your event headshot experience for a happy client.