How to stop Capture One from cropping your images - Quick Tip

Jan 21, 2022


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In this quick tip I'm going to show you how to stop Capture One from automatically cropping your images.

Have you ever looked down at your computer just to find that your tethered images are being cropped and you don't know how to stop Capture One from auto-cropping? I know I did many years ago and it happened in front of a huge group of people. This has plagued countless photographers. But the fix is SUPER SIMPLE.

Every time you start a new session make sure while in the Capture Tab you jump down to "Next Capture Adjustments" and switch "Other" from "copy from last" - to "Defaults". Otherwise when you crop one image, all the following images you take will be cropped the same way.

I wish this was set as "Defaults" by default - but until it is - at least we have an easy fix.

Now you know how to stop C1 one from automatically cropping your tethered images.