Deliver Headshots Instantly...with Style: Armodilo Kiosk Review

Jan 14, 2021

Who doesn't love a grande finale? It's the final impression and the culmination of a beautiful experience—when all the fireworks come together for the last glorious boom!

In regards to event headshots, what is the last moment of the whole experience? What is the grande finale?

It's the delivery of the headshot images! This is your grande finale moment. What can you do to make it amazing?

If you've read through our blog posts, you already understand that event headshots takes a team. You're creating an experience that draws a crowd, captures leads and promotes your sponsor and each team member plays a key role to be successful.

Your stylist is the first impression and your photographer is the second. Your editor is working diligently in the background to send headshots over to your kiosks. Your kiosk assistant is the last person each participant will speak with. At this last step, how can you make the delivery of the headshot images amazing?

Introducing...the Armodilo Original Sphere.

(Note: We are not sponsored by Armodilo, nor do we receive any free merchandise or compensation for telling you about them - we just love the Sphere!)

Our team uses Armodilo Original Spheres (and sometimes the Floor or the Spot models) at our events to deliver headshot images with style. These compact enclosures hold our iPads securely and their inviting design looks great in any setup.

If we are travelling on a plane to an event, we take along the Spot model, as it packs down small. If the floor space at the event doesn't have space for a table, we'll take along the Floor model.

Every participant who gets their headshots taken interacts with our Armodilos to select their photos and enter their email address. After a moment, an email is delivered to their inbox with all of their headshots.

Grande finale! Boom! They are thrilled!

We have received so many questions and compliments about these units because they look fabulous!

The features we love the most:

1. They are fully brand-able:

The Armodilo Sphere can be laser etched to promote your studio or the brand you're representing. This feature can be offered as an upgrade to your client as another point where their brand can be displayed. 

2. The security hardware: 

Each Sphere enclosure comes with tamper-proof hardware that requires a special key to open the enclosure and remove the tablet. The unit is incredibly robust and holds up consistently through thousands of interactions.


The big tip for you design your event headshot service, take time to consider your grande finale. How will you deliver the final headshots? How will you impress participants and your client? 

We'd love to hear your ideas and see what you come up with to make your event headshot experience amazing!