Creating the Perfect Process Recipe in Capture One (V20 or earlier)

Aug 12, 2022


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Please note if you are using Capture One 21.3 aka version 14.3 or newer - Capture One has completely removed everything to do with Processing and merged it into the Export tool. So just use the Export Tab to work with your Export Recipes (Formally known as Process Recipes)

Otherwise if you are using Capture One 21.2 aka 14.2 or older this post and video still applies to you. Enjoy!


In another quick tip video we discussed why "processing" was most likely better to use than "exporting" (even though they end up doing the same thing) since you can trigger processing in the background with just a simple hotkey. But what settings should you use in your process recipe? In this Quick Tip, I'll share with you how to create our 2 most used process recipes as headshot photographers.

We find ourselves using 2 different recipes all the time and I'll share those with you now.

The first recipe will be for online use. This is the largest resolution that sites like FB typically use.

To create a process recipe (which is basically a bunch of instructions for C1 to follow when it converts your RAW images into JPEG's, TIFFs or other formats) head over to the output tab (gear icon) where your current Process Recipes are listed.

Click the Plus icon to start fresh with a new recipe. Give it a name. ie. Social Media

Under the basic tab in the Process Recipe Tool you can start playing with all the settings.

Format: JPEG

Quality: 90-100%

ICC Profile: sRGB

Resolution: Doesn't matter (leave at 300)

Scale: Long Edge // 2048 px

Open With: JPEGmini (if you don't have JPEGmini you may want to set your quality lower)

Note: Remember to check and highlight the Process Recipe you want to use or else you may get a warning when you go to process the image.

The second Process Recipe is for delivering final images to clients.

The only difference when sending clients full resolution images would be to change the Scale to: Fixed 100% (so the full number of pixels would be delivered to the client)

Feel free to create and use a Subfolder under "Output Location" to keep your different sets of Processed images organized. ie. proofs, finals, social media, etc.

Now, select the images you want to process, hit Command+D (Control+D on PC) and those RAW images will be converted into JPEG's ready to go in your Output folder.

Now you know how to create your own perfect C1 Process recipe.

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