Slash Your File Size, While Keeping Your Image Quality - JPEGmini - Quick Tip

Mar 24, 2022



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I'm about to show you how to use the "best C1 plugin" for reducing the file size of your JPEG images without compromising any image quality.

Large file sizes take up more room on your drive and require more bandwidth to upload and download. The problem is lowering your JPEG quality settings to lower the file size will really start to affect the image quality. What if you could KEEP the image QUALITY but SLASH the file SIZE?

This is where JPEGmini comes in. You may already be using it as a stand alone app - but did you know it can pair it with C1 to automatically optimize every JPEG you make?

This video is not sponsored by JPEGmini - we just love this tool.

Since version 12, C1 has supported the use of plugins. There are not a lot of plugins available but thankfully... JPEGmini is one of them.

You'll need the Pro Suite for this to work. As of recording this works with both version 2 and version 3. Once you purchase the Pro Suite you can install the plugin for C1 using the + key in the Plugin tab in Preferences. Once it's ready to go, you'll simply need to select "Optimize with JPEGmini" in the "Open With" dropdown list in the Export Recipe tool (AKA Process Recipe in older versions of C1). This is a one time setting you need to set.

Select your images, hit Export and now every JPEG image you make will be the smallest file size possible with absolutely no discernible change in image quality.

We have used JPEGmini on ten of thousands of images and here are the results you can expect just based on 2 sample images: 1 from a 5D Mark IV, and 1 from a R5 - both shot at f4 and ISO between 160 and 200.

When comparing processing a JPEG image from C1 at 100% quality you'll see the biggest difference - with a file size reduction of 60-85% smaller.

When you start with 90% quality you can expect a 30-45% reduction, and around 10% smaller files when starting with 80% quality. Please note that JPEGmini also has a plugin for LR and Photoshop and you can see even greater reduction in those apps as C1 seems to provide smaller file sizes using the same quality settings than LR right off the bat.

When you pair JPEGmini with C1 every JPEG image you make will be the smallest file size possible and you'll save on drive space, online storage as well as bandwidth required to deliver your images.

So instead of buying that next hard drive, consider adding JPEGmini into workflow. I’ll leave a link in the description for the app.

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