How to Name Your Images While Tethering in Capture One - Quick Tip

Jan 28, 2022



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Capture One has a very robust naming feature with lots of options - but for this quick tip we are just going to focus in on a simple naming convention that works well for in-studio headshot sessions.

When shooting tethered into C1, images are named by the "Next Capture Naming tool" and not the camera itself.

When we create a new C1 Session - typically we like to use a simple naming convention: First-name Last-name Headshots. Then we replace spaces with hyphens in the Capture Name. 

Once inside C1 - head over to the Next Capture Naming tool, click on the 3 dots... and and delete the camera counter, add a hyphen and drop in the 1 digit counter - change it to 4 digits and you're all done. If you want to add a date token or any other token or words - feel free to do that, but for most of you this will be a simple naming convention that works perfectly well.

If you are shooting more than one person, you can simply change the "name" in Next Capture Adjustments and the file name will update for the next image you take.

Now your client name will be embedded right into the file name, which makes it super simple for you and your client to find their images in the future.

If you're interested in more advanced naming methods, check out some of our other quick tips or our one of our courses at