Imaging USA 2021 is here!

Jan 17, 2021

We're so excited for Imaging USA 2021! (Even though we're Canadian, eh!)

Imaging USA brings together some of the best photographers in the world and there is so much valuable knowledge to absorb! Our team is already glued to our monitors watching the stream of classes! We don't want you to miss it!

If you'd like to join in on Imaging USA, there's still time! Head over to, put on your pyjamas and start learning! 

AND - if you're interested in learning about how to deliver event headshots that big brands love, check out Dave Kalmbach's course "Turning Event Headshots into the Ultimate Brand Experience" on Tuesday, January 19th @ 10am ET.

Even if you miss a platform class, the whole set will be available to watch on demand through the month of January starting Jan. 19th @ 5pm.

Hope to see you there!