High-Volume Headshots vs. Event Headshots: What's the Difference?

Oct 24, 2020

Have you gotten the call yet? The fantastic lead that makes your heart skip a beat?

Have you received a request for high-volume headshots? 100, 200, or even 800 people need new headshots and they're calling YOU!

This is the first thing you should find out when you get an inquiry for high-volume headshots:

Is this a company updating headshots for their employees?


Is this a brand looking for a headshot experience to offer as a traffic and lead generator?

You should handle these two leads differently.


Because the clients are looking for something completely different. Yes, they are both looking for headshots, BUT they have very different goals.

Scenario 1: High-Volume Headshots for Employees

In the first scenario, the client is likely seeking a uniform look for images of all of their employees. Perhaps they're updating ID badges or their company Intranet. This client is looking for efficiency, convenience, and a good price. This type of service is often considered a commodity, but it can be rewarding if done well.

Scenario 2: High-Volume EVENT Headshots for Experiential Marketing

In the second scenario, the client is looking for an experience (at a conference, trade show or event) that draws a crowd, captures leads, and promotes their brand. They want to do this by giving out free headshots. In this scenario, the experience should be different, the branding opportunities should be different, and the price should be different. This is an experiential marketing opportunity where you become a brand ambassador for your client. This is niche.

Offering traditional high-volume headshots to an EVENT headshot client is like serving a pizza to someone who wants sushi. Yes, it still tastes good, but it's not what they really want.

You have a chance to offer a unique experience that not only delivers studio-quality headshots, but also fills their marketing appetite. When you develop a service that delights and satisfies, you win and your client wins!

Over the next few posts, we'll discuss what makes high-volume EVENT headshots different and why you should say YES to these amazing opportunities.